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Wednesday, August 09, 2006

Love Go Go

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Love Go Go
Aiqing lai le

Directed by Chen Yu-Hsun
導演 陳玉勳

Mismatched love, isolation, and the universal hope of finding one’s soulmate are the themes of this poignant film set in contemporary urban Taiwan. The story’s various characters each have some connection with the small bakery shop run by Ah Sheng’s aunt. Ah Sheng works in the back of the shop baking and designing pastries; his long-lost schoolmate is the woman who comes in to buy lemon pie; his roommate develops a blind love for the owner of an electronic pager she finds; a young salesman who sells defense gadgets tries to rescue a beautiful woman. This award-winning film is marked by a riot of bright colors, a sometimes anarchic spirit, and an always playful sense of fun.

1997 Golden Horse Awards for best screenplay adapted from another source (Raymond To), best supporting actor (Chuen Hing Chan), and best supporting actress (Wai Chun Liu).


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