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Wednesday, September 13, 2006

Stan Lai

One of the most prominent and influential voices in the Chinese language theatre, Stan Lai is also noted for his award-winning films, as well as his long career as an arts educator. His 23 original plays have premiered through either the theatre group Performance Workshop, where he is Artistic Director, or Taipei National University of the Arts, where he is Professor of Theatre and Founding Dean of the College of Theatre.

Lai's plays have been performed throughout the Chinese world. The Peach Blossom Land has toured worldwide, been made into a film, and has had no less than 50 different productions in Beijing alone. His famous "crosstalk" (xiangsheng) series has helped created the large, popular audience base for his critically acclaimed theatrical work. His epic 7 hour A Dream Like A Dream received top awards at the 2003 HK Drama Awards, and has drawn comparisons to Peter Brook's Mahabharata. He is also an accomplished Scenic Designer, and often designs his own plays.

Lai holds a Ph.D. in Dramatic Art from U.C. Berkeley. Among numerous awards, he has received Taiwan��s National Arts Award an unprecedented two times. In the Moment �V the Theatre of Stan Lai (Sha-na-zhong, Taipei: China Times Press, 2003) is the first full length study of his works.

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