Taiwan Film Festival

Thursday, August 10, 2006

The Strait Story

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Fu Shih Kuang Ying

Directed by Huang Yu-Shan
導演 黃玉珊

The year was 1943 and Taiwan was under Japanese rule. After finishing his studies in Japan, famous Taiwanese sculptor and painter Huang Ching-cheng boarded the “Takachiho Maru” ship from Kobe, Japan to return home before heading to China for a teaching job. As the huge vessel approached the Keelung harbor, it was torpedoed by an American submarine. The Strait Story is the director’s attempt to recover a lost page of Taiwanese history. Through Shou-shou, a fine art restorer with a crippling illness, film viewers discover Huang’s childhood in rural Taiwan and maturation as an artist in Tokyo, and his enduring passion for art and love.


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