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Thursday, August 10, 2006

Spring: The Story of Hsu Chin-yu

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Chuntian: Hsu Chin-Yu de gushi

Directed by Tseng Wen-chen
導演 曾文珍

Why did Hsu Ching-yu spend many years in prison for participating in an English class and supporting equal pay for Taiwanese and mainland employees? Even worse, her mainland Chinese English teacher was executed. Both were victims of the reactionary White Terror that swept through Taiwan in the 1950s. We meet Hsu as an old woman and follow her as she retraces her past, a history suppressed for four decades but now accessible through this film. By turns an adopted daughter, factory worker, political dissident, wife, and owner of an egg shop, Hsu Ching Yu’s life bears witness to the tumultuous changes in Taiwan over the twentieth century.


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