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Wednesday, November 15, 2006

2006 Taiwan International Film & TV Expo

2006 Taiwan International Film & TV Expo

Spotlight On Taiwan—Vision for Asia

The 2006 Taiwan International Film and TV Expo will get underway in just a few short weeks. Last year marked the first time that Taiwan integrated a number of film and television-related events under a single umbrella, and the organizers this year are looking to build on last year’s experience in holding this year’s Expo. This year’s International Film and TV Expo will be further highlighted by the 51st Asian Pacific Film Festival, which will be held in Taipei. It is expected that the scale of this year’s range of activities as well as the number of guests and stars participating will set a new high. During the month of November, Taiwan will without a doubt be the focus of the world with regards to film and television.

The Government Information Office last year for the first time integrated a number of major local film and television activities, creating the Taiwan International Film & TV Expo. The goal in holding a series of events under one umbrella is to help promote Taiwan’s film and television industries and both strengthen and upgrade Taiwan’s international competitiveness in these industries. In November of this year, the Golden Horse Awards, the Golden Bell Awards, the Taipei TV & Film Festival, the Asia Pacific Film Festival, and the 50 Year Retrospective of Taiwanese Language Films will be held under the 2006 Taiwan International Film and TV Expo banner.


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